An international trainer, academician, writer and speaker, with a holistic approach towards life, with over 20 years of experience in the fields of transformational ethics, human values, cross-cultural competence and sensitization, life skills, organizational development interventions, and finance.

Professional Experience:
    1. Corporate Training:
      1. Sharing concepts on ethics, human values and life skills with corporate executives across countries, hierarchies, and age profiles, one-to-one coaching, mentoring and counselling in the areas of personal and professional attitude management, facilitating attitudinal transformation.

      2. Sensitizing corporate executives and MBA students on the nuances of cultures around the world, familiarising them with norms of business protocol and social etiquette, discussing varied aspects that constitute culture.

      3. Conducting attitude management sessions for teachers, Heads of Departments and senior faculty members, focusing on the "building the connect" factor; sharing concepts on effective teaching methodologies and empowering belief systems.

    2. Writing:

Sharing concepts on themes such as everyday spirituality, harmonious balance of professional and personal life domains, "What every MBA aspirant should know", life skills such as goal planning, stress perception management and overcoming psychological barriers to personal productivity.

  1. Investment Banking:

    Working on debt restructuring for "A" list companies and government bodies & pan-India marketing of debt instruments.

  • Master of Business Administration (Finance)

  • Certificate course on “Ethics and Human Values in Management” from Management Centre of Human Values, IIM - Calcutta

Passionate about: "Stakeholder responsibility"- based analysis, sustainability, "profits with principles" strategies for individuals and corporations, Cross-cultural competence for individuals and organizations, gender sensitization

Some of my Other Interests and Activities include:
  • Writer of Spirituality-themed articles for an Indian mainstream newspaper, The Speaking Tree

  • Blogger (one out of three from India) at World Moms’ Network, based in New York.

  • Working as a Panelist, MBA admissions, at various business schools in Mumbai

  • International Business Case writing:

    • Have written and published two case studies, dealing with ethics in the world of investment banking, and with everyday unethicalities in the form of copyright violations, with special focus on India, for an international Ethics-based project, called "Giving Voice to Values (GVV), with the Babson College, USA, and for the United Nations - Principles for Responsible Management Education"

  • Informal coaching and counselling for students and others (ages ranging from 16 upwards)

  • Speaker at citizens’ forums such as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, YMCA and so on

  • Student of Advait Vedanta

  • Received inputs on yogasana, Reiki, the Art of Living, and T’ai chi

  • Self-learning in – Indian values, Zen Buddhism, cultural sensitization and integration

  • Passionate about reading, Nature and holistic health

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